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A better version of Windows Live Writer is out

November 10th, 2007 No comments

Today at BlogWorld, I met the product manager and the lead developer for Live Writer. Besides complementing them for creating a great desktop blogging application, I also learned that the official version for the product has just been released – welcome Windows Live Writer 2008.

I wrote in the past about this tool and how great it is. The new release makes things even better. Here are four examples for improved capabilities:

  • Embedding images and video became easier and with more capabilities. For example – when pasting an embedded code from any video sharing service while working in the Web Layout mode, Live Writer immediately displays the video player instead of the html code. In the previous version you could only paste code in HTML mode
  • The “New page” feature lets you create new pages. The previous version enabled only the creation of new posts
  • An “Add category” feature was added (prior to that I had to do it via the WordPress admin console)
  • If you add post’s “Keywords”, those would automatically map to WordPress’s tags (a ver 2.3 feature)

Basically, I have less and less need to login to WordPress admin in order to post on a regular basis. The only reason to login is to manage comments or update the site template & plug-ins.

Kudos to the Microsoft Live team for the improvements. I highly recommend installing/upgrading.

Have a great weekend

November 9th, 2007 No comments

The Tel Aviv Derby is on Sunday – I wish I could be there…I will be watching the game with friends and hoping for a yellow victory.

Till then, I will keep on listening to:

  • The Kaspers – when is their US tour and reunion?
  • Monica Sex – these were really good times
  • “Suddenly I See” by KT Tunstall – this is a wired one…while being on the road I have heard this song at least ten times, in different places (hotels, clubs etc), in the past week at both NY and Vegas…now I keeps playing in my head

Update from BlogWorld

November 8th, 2007 No comments

BlogWorld kicked off last night and the exhibit started this morning. The atmosphere here is quite different than ad:tech, New York–much more calm and relaxed.

At BlogWorld Snap is presenting Snap Shares – our program that helps publishers earn more money using Snap Shots by sharing with some of the ad impressions that are now part of the Shots. It creates an incremental revenue stream while delivering highly relevant content at the top area of the Shot. It works great with Google AdSense and with other affiliate programs.

We have been getting many visitors to our booth, handed out cool swags, and provided answers and information as well as received great feedback from the users.

Tonight and tomorrow the rest of the company will join us at Vegas to conquer the halls with the cool Snap T-Shirts.


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Live from ad:tech

November 5th, 2007 No comments

I will be updating from the Snap booth (#2010) at ad:tech, NY.

You can either: follow me on twitter or check the stream of photos on my flickr page

Social Platform or Social Party?

November 2nd, 2007 No comments

Oh_the_Smell Google OpenSocial vs. Facebook F8 – Doesn’t it look, feel and smell like Isreali, or actually any country’s, politics?

Coalitions are being formed. PR spins are created trying to set the public opinion. The one you voted for yesterday will most likely disappoint you tomorrow. And no one asks the people (users) what really bothers them.

I wonder whether political/strategic advisors were also hired to run those campaigns.



photo credit: mattyfacex

Meet me at ad:tech, NY and BlogWorld, Vegas

November 2nd, 2007 1 comment

Snap will be announcing new products & programs next week at AdTech, NYC and BlogWorld, Las Vegas.

I will be in Vegas & NY, so if you are going to be in there as well, please make sure to come by our booth, say hello, hear the news from Snap and pick some cool swag.

UPDATE: I will be in NY as well starting from Sunday evening.

In case you want to meet, please let me know using the comments section of this blog or to my snap email address: jay {at} snap {dot} com


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