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My Site Of The Year: US Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Nazi Propaganda Exhibit

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC just launched a new exhibit called “State of Deception: The power of Nazi propaganda”. Beyond the live exhibit which I hope to be able to see in DC someday, it also has a Flash based web site which contains a fascinating multimedia collection with all sorts of materials showing the sophisticated propaganda that the Nazi party created in order to spread lies about its political opponents, Jews and the need for war.

Those materials include photos, posters, books, videos, sound recording, newspapers articles, paintings and drawing and more. All have commentary and are categorized under 7 different themes that demonstrate how well the Nazis understood topics such as mass communication, marketing & branding, and how well they used them in order to promote alluring ideas that appeal to the masses such as freedom, unity and prosperity, rather than pure hate.

The Themes and Gallery Search sections gives access to these materials from the years 1919-1948. In addition, there is an interactive timeline section which goes all the way from 1919 until 2008 and it lists major events around the world that are related to anti-semitism as well as genocide.

I find the timing of releasing this exhibit & website extremely important, especially in light of the recent anti-semic voices the are spiking as a result of the current economic crises, the recent holocaust denial statement made by British Bishop Richard Williamson (“There was not one Jew killed by the gas chambers. It was all lies, lies, lies”) , and of course, the constant anti-Jews and anti-Israel speeches and announcements made by the leader of Iran, as well as other terror organizations such as Hamas & Al Qaeda.

This is by far of the most impressive website I have seen lately. Add to that the fact it is about such an important topic, that I have already selected it as my top website for 2009.

I highly recommend spending some time on the site, navigating through the different sections and reading the materials. It is important to remember what the Nazi’s did in Europe 60+ years ago and remind others, so it never happens again.

So, Share it, Bookmark, Digg, Twitt, StumbleUpon it, and use every other social media method you know to spread the word about this site.

Here is the link: http://www.ushmm.org/propaganda

ushmm.org - nazi propoganda exhibit - gallery

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    sometimes it's always interesting to gather more facts about WWII and Nazism… 😀

  • FzckIsrael

    The holocaust museum is a living piece of propaganda.