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Tropicana Orange Juice Gets A New Design – The Old Carton

Consumers are consumers no matter what online service or product they use. Once we use a product and like it, we are emotionally attached to it and become very passionate about it. This has not changed for years, but in current days, we (the consumers) have powerful tools such as blogs, twitter and facebook, to express ourselves quicker, louder in order to make a change.

Seeing companies make a (stupid) decision and then revert back as a result of users protesting against it using all sorts of social media applications is a pretty common thing in the online world. The last example was Facebook and its T&C fiasco. Seeing more an more big offline companies acting the same way is a nice surprise for me.

Take these two sentences:

“We underestimated the deep emotional bond they had with the original packaging. Those consumers are very important to us, so we responded.”

“I feel it’s the right thing to do, to innovate as a company. I wouldn’t want to stop innovating as a result of this. At the same time, if consumers are speaking, you have to listen.”

If you think they were told by Mark Zuckerberg or another executive of some popular web company you are wrong. They were said by Neil Campbell, president at Tropicana North America, who is about to announce today, according to the NYTimes, that Tropicana is going to scrap the new packaging and return to the old one. Why? Because we , including myself on this blog, complained about the new design and asked for the old one.

Just like Wheeler & Katz wrote in their book “Brand Atlas, Branding Intelligence Made Visible” : “Stay customer centric. The best brand decisions can only be made with the customer’s needs and experiences in mind. See the world through the eyes of your customers.”

So, I applaud to PepsiCo for listening to its loyal customers and acting fast. I can’t wait to see the good old carton, with orange & straw, in stores.

  • http://tremendousnews.com d.

    I love how quickly they changed the packaging, even though they claim “a small fraction” of customers complained. Maybe they should just let their customers design the packaging for them. I wrote about this on my blog, as well. Although you were much nicer than I was 😉 Great job.

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  • Michael Vogt

    I wouldn't mind if they kept the little orange-shaped lid of the new design. That was the only part of the new design I found to be clever.

  • John R

    So they want to “innovate” – why not just make the orange with the straw in it BIGGER, so you can only see half of it on the packaging, and rotate it a bit so the straw points forward toward you. Then canter the Tropicana name a bit to match. Makes the image sort of pop out without losing the uniqueness of this powerful visual and brand identity. I agree that design they tried was awful and looked just like some cheap off-brand.

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