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My interview with Orange at LeWeb about Pixplit

December 12th, 2012 No comments

Last week at LeWeb12 Paris, I was interviewed by Celine Louis, the editor of the official Orange blog, about Pixplit. You can find the full article here and the video interview below.

interview of Jay Meydad CEO of Pixplit by orangecorporate

Ehud Banai & Berry Sakharof Live at the Tamar Festival

October 18th, 2011 No comments

Last night I took a day trip to the dead sea to see two of my favorite Israeli musicians performing on the same stage at the beautiful venue of Wadi Zohar, a natural amphitheater located in a creek right next to the dead sea. I’ve seen both musician perform many times in the past 15-20 years and last night was one of the top concerts of both.



Here are a few videos I was able to capture throughout this amazing night, including the epic “Foreign Country”, that last song in Berry’s song, dedicated to Gilad Shalit who was released today from captivity after more than 5 years.


And finally, the entire playlist with a few other songs can be viewed here:


Ehud Banai – Live 2011

May 19th, 2011 No comments

Ehud Banai, one of my favorite Israeli artists, has recently released a new fantastic album called “Drops of the Night”and went on a tour. As a matter of fact, he is not just an artist, but one that I have been following, and influenced, by for 25 years.

His debut album “Ehud Banai and the Refugees” was the first vinyl record that I had purchased and the track “Your Time Is Over” was one of the first songs and one of my favorite ones he has released.

Here’s a sample from Ehud’s concert. Don’t miss it.

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Roy Zu-Arets on Piano Live in Tel Aviv

December 28th, 2010 No comments
A little over a year ago I worked with my friend, pianist and composer Roy Zu-Arets, on a very exciting musical micro-blogging project that we named "The Vibe of Now".

We did it as a side project to our day-to-day jobs but were able to accomplish quite a lot. We released over 60 video clips of Roy's original improvisations to our YouTube channel and got great feedback from users all over the world. We released 2 albums and still selling them. And we put together a live show called Constage where Roy and a group of three other talented musicians and a VJ performed and improvised live on stage in LA.

A few months ago Roy and I returned to Israel with our families and both he and I are already busy working on new ventures and projects. But we wanted to try and keep "The Vibe of Now" live in some capacity perhaps with an Israeli twist. 

So we are happy to announce that next week Roy will perform in the OzenBar in Tel Aviv, tracks from our YouTube channel (leaving some space for improvisation of course). VJ Eran Barnea (Constage's VJ) will add his visual effects.

When: January 6, 2011 at 20:30pm
OzenBar – King George 48, Tel Aviv (map)
Tickets: 40 NIS – get them here

Should be very special. Hope to see you there.

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Constage Live – You have to experience this magical concert

May 26th, 2010 No comments

The group now has a name – Constage and is preparing for its 2nd concert.

What is Constage: A group performing some of the pieces created by Roy Zu-Arets as part of & in the spirit of “The Vibe of Now” series. Together they create a musical & visual journey from Japan to Persia and form Jerusalem to the US.

Who is Constage:

  • Roy Zu-Arets – piano, vocals
  • Jen Kuhn – cello
  • DJ Nikon – electronia & turn tables
  • Omid Torbatian – Persian Ney and Percussion
  • Eran Barnea – Visuals
  • and the new addition, Vahid Bayat – Tar & Vocals

The first concert of Constage was in Marina Del Rey and it was magical. It is a musical & visual experience you have to experience. So, here are the details of the next show.

When: Saturday, June 5, 2010 at 8pm
Where: The Concert Hall at Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills (map)

And finally, here’s a clip of what it looks and sounds like. Hope you could make it.

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A glimpse from “Confessions of a Composer Live” last rehearsal. See them tomorrow at 7:30pm in L.A.

April 16th, 2010 No comments

The gang had its last rehearsal and the set sounds incredible. I mean, how often to you get to gather so many talented musicians, on one stage, to play a magical bled of sounds that includes piano, persian ney, cello and electronic bits?
From left: Jen Kuhn, Roy Zu-Arets, DJ Naoki, Omid Torbatian and VJ Eran Barnea.
Tomorrow night will be something. Don’t miss it if you are around. More details here :

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Announcing “Confessions of a Composer” Live With Guests.

April 15th, 2010 No comments
Please be our guest at a musical fusion of east and west.

For the first time, we will be moving out of Roy’s studio and will have the first live concert of “Confessions of a Composer” / “The Vibe of Now” at a charming venue called Mariners Village in Marina Del Rey this coming Sat, April 17, at 6pm.

Address is: 4600 Marina Village Hall, Marina Del Rey, CA

In this concert, Roy will be performing live selected tracks from the “Confessions of a Composer” & “The Vibe of Now” series that we have been posting to YouTube. In addition, new tracks on stage with the guest artists, in the spirit of “The Vibe of Now”.

Guest artists include:
* Omid Torbatian – Master of the Persian Ney
* Jen Kuhn – Cello, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
* DJ Naoki – Electronia
* VJ Eran Barnea

Opening band Omid Torbatian’s Trio playing authentic persian concert.

Note that the event will start on time since we have to end it by 10pm. The concert will be recorded & posted to our YouTube channel.

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Shana Tova

September 17th, 2009 No comments

Shana Tova

I would like to wish all of my blog readers a Shana Tova.

May the coming year be blessed with health, joy, happiness, inspiration, creation, innovation, prosperity and success. To you and your beloved ones.

And as for New Year’s inspiration, how about this?

Photo credit: Shana Tova, originally uploaded by dawnser.

Israeli New Media Delegation – Welcome Back To Los Angeles

August 31st, 2009 1 comment

Welcome to Los Angeles - LAX

Can’t believe it has been a year since the previous visit of the Israeli New Media Delegation to Los Angeles. Next week it will happen again and I will participate in it for the 3rd year in a row (see my post about the 2007 visit).

The delegation is organized by Yossi Vardi and Arnon Milchen and its purpose is to give young Israeli start ups the opportunity to meet with potential investors and executives from large media companies and pitch their companies and products in a speed dating format (participants — make sure you practice on your elevator pitch).

I will take part in a breakfast panel where the participating companies will meet a few Los Angeles based Israeli executives for tips and advise, Q&A and some networking. Together with me the panel will also include Alex Sirota from Yahoo/FoxyTunes, Roy Bahat from IGN Ent., Yair Landa ex President of Sony Digital and Leor Stern from Google. After two years of sitting together on this panel, I will miss my friend Nimrod Lev who recently packed his staff and family, left Fox/MySpace and moved back to Israel.

In addition to days full of meetings, the participating companies will also enjoy some fancy cocktails and dinners, LaLaLand style. So if you happen to be at the BetaSouth event next week in Santa Monica, you will have a chance to meet them over there.

Finally, here is more information about the visiting companies as provided to my by the organizers.

  1. AnyClip enables consumers as well as professionals to find any moment from any film ever made. AnyClip seeks to create a new revenue model for Hollywood based on our core belief that clips have value as standalone content. With scale and efficiency, AnyClip will bring three nascent business models to the movie industry.
  2. BloggersBase is a platform for discovery and delivery of premium user generated content, targeting newspapers, media companies, bloggers and readers. We aim to solve the problem of user-generated content overflow, of uncontrolled (usually low) quality. BloggersBase offers its solution as a white-label platform (B2B) and as a target site (B2C).
  3. Dopa Music operates a background music service customized for each website and context that brings a whole new sense to online content. Dopa Music service is based on a sophisticated algorithm (patent-pending) that selects the best tracks in real-time based on more than 100 parameters. Site owners can pay monthly subscription or enjoy service for free and receive commissions on audio ads played at their site. Dopa Music secured seed funding from Israel’s Chief Scientist. Erez Perlmutter, Founder, former VP BizDev at Kasamba sold to LivePerson.
  4. Funtactix combines the best of AAA game and web technologies to bring console-quality, multiplayer gaming to the browser. The studio’s end-to-end, white-label solution turns popular franchises into profitable online gaming communities through avatar-based, high-end game content and microtransactions.
  5. IPgallery is a privately held company with more than 40 deployments. Its solutions deliver highly scalable, flexible and reliable solutions enabling SPs to deploy new revenue generating services.
  6. MAGYX develops “Smart Content™” – unique interactive solutions combining high-end technology and content, powerful marketing platforms empowering the communication between end-users, media platforms and advertisers.
  7. P-Kama operates, an online platform for family style entertainment based on the world’s 3rd bestselling board game. The game attracts players of every age, including Baby Boomers and young teens. It connects to family values which are enhanced by social media features. An average of 15 minutes playing each game makes Rummikub a powerful tool for promotion and customer retention.
  8. PicScout – With 85% of the images detected by PicScout on commercial web sites being used non-legitimately, there exists a vast opportunity to track, protect and monetize images on the internet. PicScout™, through its proprietary image recognition technology created a new era in image copyright protection, is now leading the way to authorize the image marketplace to become a legitimate internet economy.
  9. is a pioneering destination site designed exclusively for kids. The site empowers children and pre-teens ages 7 to 13 to express themselves creatively and safely through an innovative and customized online environment. Tweegee integrates social networking, digital content and interactive tools offering kids a complete web platform. All the online communication is protected with technologically advanced safeguards including the patent pending “wordup!”, giving the parents the reassurance they need to protect their children. Tweegee was recently reviewed and qualified for meeting the standards of the CARU kid’s privacy safe harbor program in the USA.
  10. Qlipso is your den and your favorite sports bar all rolled into one. It’s an impromptu online party with your best friends from FaceBook, your favorite media from video, game or music sites – all synched up and live! Avatars, webcams, voice and text chat – Qlipso brings it all together!
  11. XSIGHTS service allows consumers using their cameraphone to transform any static objects, (products, newspapers, magazines, wall-posters, books…) to an interactive multi-media experience. XSIGHTS is the only company capable to identify many links within the same image. The links may be, as small as, a “single-word” in a text document or a “street crossing” on a map, thus activating classified listings, product catalogues, advertisements and street maps. The user can navigate and view different links within the same session. XSIGHTS mature and field proven solution is operational with or without the need to download an application to the phone.

Photo credit: Menetnashté (On Vacation)

Reflections from FC Barcelona vs Los Angeles Galaxy Game

August 3rd, 2009 6 comments

I took my 8 & 5.5 year old sons and their 10 year old cousin who is visiting from Israel to watch the friendly game between LA Galaxy vs Barcelona at the Rose Bowl on Saterdauy. It was a fantastic night and a great memory for all of us, especially for Evyatar, my oldest son, who celebrated his 8th birthday that day.


  • A packed Rose Bowl with all the pre-game activities outside the stadium provides an amazing atmosphere for a soccer game
  • There is such a huge potential to make soccer really big in the US as there is such a hunger by so many people to see the top players play locally. I am certain that if more European players will join the MLS, this league could be really successful. And if the MLS champion will start participating in the Champions league (similar to some discussions related to European basketball team(s) joining the NBA) that could be a real booster for success.
  • Barcelona is coming to this season well trained and prepared.It was amazing the see how 2-3 players of Barcelona put pressure on a Galaxy player the second he had the ball
  • I have a feeling Zlatan Ibrahimovic will score over 30 goals this season with Messi, Henry and Xavi feeding him with assists
  • Galaxy fans are still not over their David Beckham booing. But when he scored a fantastic goal from a free kick, he was god to them. Go figure…

I uploaded plenty of pictures and videos (including Barcelona’s first goal) to this Flickr set but here is a taste.

Jay Meydad Tackles David Backham

Getting Ready For The Game