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Stunning High-Res Masterpieces in Google Earth

January 14th, 2009 1 comment

I came across this post earlier today and had to try it. I was stunned.

The entire experience is very cool and gives you the feeling as you are visiting the museum.

The level of details of each one of the 14 high-res paintings is exceptional. You can keep zooming in to discover the fine details, such as individual brushstrokes, textures of the canvas, and in some cases cracks in the surface of the paint.

You have got to try it. Simply do the following:

  • In Google Earth find and enable this layer: “Geographic Web -> Preview -> Museo de Prado
  • Double click on “Museo Prado” placemark to fly to the museum
  • Enable the museum in 3D option to render the museum building in 3D
  • Click on the “Museo Nacional del Prado : Masterpieces” placemark to open a pop up window that has thumbnails for the 14 paintings
  • Start exploring individual paintings


And a close look at Jacob’s dream

Google Earth - hi-res paintings-jacob's dream